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[Notice] Compensation for the Basement Search Error (Sept. 14th)


Hello, Survivors!


Today, we were informed that some of our survivors experienced an error that made it impossible to continue certain parts of the Basement Search.

The issue was resolved around 3 am PDT, so it does not reoccur in the game.

However, we found that those accounts that previously experienced the issue can no longer continue the Basement Search until the next reset.

For these reasons, we sent out emails to send compensations for the rewards that are no longer obtainable from the Basement Search.

Please read on for more details.

『Sept. 14th (Wed) - Compensation for the Basement Search Error』



Those who are subject to Compensation
: All Survivors who could not continue the Basement Search due to the Error Code(1) which popped up after defeating raiders.


Date of Compensation Distribution
: 9/14 08:40 (PDT)


Details on the Compensation
: The event item (Search Report) and other items (Canned Food, Survival EXP, etc), rewarded when clearing the Basement Search, are sent to the mailbox.


ⓘ Notice
- The compensation will be automatically sent to the mailbox when you log in, once per server account.
- The mail will be available for 7 days


We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and not providing a smooth gaming environment.
We will try our utmost best to be more quick and precise when resolving such issues.


Thank you.


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