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<The Walking Dead: All-Stars> Creator Support Program

Hello, Survivors!


Since the global launch, there have been a lot of people watching contents about The Walking Dead: All-Stars!

After checking the official community and external platforms,
we have noticed that there are many Survivors that create and upload The Walking Dead: All-Stars contents themselves!

As a token of our appreciation, the <The Walking Dead: All-Stars> team has decided to support content creations for The Walking Dead: All-Stars!

We have prepared a Creators' Kit to help survivors create content, so please check the official website!

  1. 1. Provide Creators' Kit → Game images, illustrations, icons, and much more!

2. Offer All-Stars Creators Benefits → Give Discord roles and additional benefits according to the number of views.


Read on for more details.



[The Walking Dead: All-Stars Creator Support Program]

● Application period

  • - There is no deadline.

● Qualifications
- Creators with The Walking Dead: All-Stars video content with more than 500 views 
- Creators who can follow the [Content Creation Guide] and precautions
* Currently, Only video contents are supported. However, the use of other mediums will be expanded in the future.


Creators' Kit & Content Creation Guide

Check out [All-Stars Creator Kit & Creation Guide]

1️⃣Creator's Kit: 

The Creators' Kit can be used by Streamers, video hosts, writers, artists, fan site admins, and much more!
This kit can freely be used anywhere, at any time, and by anyone. Therefore, please use it to your heart's content and we will sincerely support you!

2️⃣Creation Guide:

Be sure to read the ‘Content Creation Guide’ before creating content to protect The Walking Dead: All-Stars IP and the game.


● Application Process
Check out [TWD: All-Stars Content Submission Form]

1️⃣ Submit your content alongside your application.

2️⃣ After internally reviewing your content, we will set the supportable benefits accordingly.

* Please note that the time it takes to finish reviewing your content may take up to a month depending on our schedule. 
● Support Benefits


※ Gold Bars are rewarded per video.

※ Please note that benefits for each grade are subject to change.

※ Upon reaching the required number of views, additional applications may be submitted; however, additional rewards may differ.

※ A separate contract can be signed when utilized as marketing material, depending on the performance and quality of the content.

● Notice

※ Even if you meet the eligibility requirements, your application may not be selected.

※ If you have any questions about applying for <The Walking Dead: All Stars> Creator Support Program, please contact [Customer Support].

※ Those who are found to be in violation of the following may have their application canceled or their status terminated.

1. Creators must set an example for other players in in-game play and broadcast.
2. Creators must follow the attached content creation guide for <The Walking Dead: All-Stars>

3. Creators must not create content that is controversial, such as using abusive language, slandering, or having inappropriate conduct against the <The Walking Dead: All-Stars> brand.
4. Creators must not negatively affect the community.
5. Creators must follow the "terms and conditions" and "operational policies".

Go to [Terms and Conditions and Operation Policy]



We ask for the survivors' interest in <The Walking Dead: All-Stars> Creator Support Program!

Thank you.

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