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[January] Available Coupons & Event Notice


Hello, Survivors!


Here is all currently available Coupon & Event information (as of January).

We hope you find it useful!


If there is any new information or changes, we'll be sure to update the following details.



๐ŸŽAvailable Coupons 


Last Updated: 1/19 (PST)

Coupon Code Coupon RewardsCoupon Availability


Alignment Recruit Ticket x10

Until 1/31/2023 06:59 (PST)


Normal Recruit Ticket x30

Until 2/1/2023 06:59 (PST)



Normal Recruit Ticket x8

Canned Food x100,000

Integrated Report (2H) x5


Until 2/28/2023 06:59 (PST)

Goodbye2022Alignment Recruit Ticket x10Until 2/28/2023 06:59 (PST)


Alignment Recruit Ticket x10

Until 2/28/2023 06:59 (PST)

GLOBALOPENNormal Recruit Ticket x30Until 3/1/2023 06:59 (PST)

*Any coupons shared only on Twitter or Discord may not get added to this announcement. Please follow our Twitter and join Discord to not miss out on any coupon codes!


๐Ÿ’ŽUpcoming Event Notice 



โ“˜ Notice

1) Available Coupons

- All event rewards can only be claimed once per account (based on CS Code).

- Please note that any coupons redeemed using the wrong account cannot be recovered. Please make sure to double check your account information before redeeming your coupon.

- Coupon rewards will be sent to the mailbox of the selected account. (Stored for 7 days)

- Coupon availabilities are listed based on expiration dates.

- Check out the [Coupon Guide] for more details on how to redeem a coupon.


2) Upcoming Event Notice 

- Please note that the following events are in preparation and are subject to change depending on the situation.

- All events are based on Server Time.


Thank you.


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