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All-Stars Creators of December 2022


Hey Survivors!

Here are your All-Stars Creators of December for the following categories!

For the creator with the best overall content for the month:
All-Stars' Choice: ElPierro Gaming (FR)

For the creator who made the most effort to help beginners:
Beginners' Lover: JustCallMeTexx (EN)

For the creator with the most content:
Busy Creator: IronFelix (RU)


Be sure to tap the creators' names and check out their amazing content!

Oh, and just one more thing before we go!


Our creators have requested that we share the December Creator Coupon with all of you!

You can find the coupon codes in the comment section of each creator’s video.
Go hit that Like button and leave comments to support all of our hardworking creators!

Interested in becoming a creator for The Walking Dead: All-Stars?
Tap the LINK and find out how to join the Creator Support Program!

The Walking Dead: All-Stars appreciates your engagement in all of our communities.


Thank you!

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