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[New Perks] Creator Support Program Season 4

Respond if you are still out there!
Hello, Survivors!


Creator Support Program aims to support all creators
who have worked to promote and boost the <The Walking Dead: All-Stars> communities.

We're also supporting survivors who are interested in becoming creators by providing them with the necessary resources
to take their first steps and thrive in their new creative pursuits.

Don't hesitate to apply for this program if you aspire to become a star in your community
or want to take on the challenge of becoming a content creator with our support!

The following perks will be provided to content creators who create videos for The Walking Dead: All-Stars.

❇️Creator-exclusive Frame (TBD)
❇️Personalized Coupon with Creator’s Name
❇️Bulk Coupons for Subscriber Events
❇️Survivor Skin of Your Choice
❇️Survivor Animation Profile
❇️Support for Promotion of Creator’s Channel
❇️Personalized Invitation Link with Creator’s Name
❇️Previews for Upcoming Updates


Now, let’s take a look at how you can apply for this season!

⭐How to Apply⭐



- TWD: All-Stars videos with at least 500 views (First-timers: Min. 300 views)
  * Contents must be of your own creation.


[Program Details]


1️⃣ Upload your TWD: All-Stars videos to your social media platform of choice, such as YouTube or Tiktok.
       * All-Stars Creators Kit
2️⃣ Once your video reaches 500 or more views (First-timers: 300 views or more), submit your content using the 👉Creator Support Program Application!
3️⃣ Claim your Creator Perks!
4️⃣ Create another video and start again from Step 1.


[Creator Perks]

* Please note that animation profiles for the characters are eligible for creators who have received their personalized invitation link.
** If your video receives enough views to qualify for a higher-level perk, you can resubmit the same video. However, you will only receive half the number of Subscriber Coupon rewards.
    ex) If you resubmit the video that has already earned you Bronze perks, [Normal Recruit Ticket x10] x15 will be issued as your Subscriber Coupons when you qualify for the next level perk.
*** To receive the bonus perks listed above, it's necessary to have an intro in your content.
     If you do not have your own intro, you're welcome to use the provided intro footage in our creator kit.



🎁Season 4 Special Events🎁



🅰️ First-Timer Advantage!

 If this is your first time applying for the program,
you will receive Bronze-level perks as long as your video reaches at least 300 views.


🅱️ Experiencing a Creative Block? Let Us Help!


If you cover one of the following topics, we will send you a Gold-level's worth of Subscriber Coupons

and Bonus Perks once your video reaches 500 views or more (First-timers: 300 views or more).

You can submit one video per topic for the Subscriber Coupons and Bonus Perks:


👉 Five Tips to Get Started in The Walking Dead: All-Stars
👉 Why You Should Play The Walking Dead: All-Stars
👉 Dos and Don'ts When Playing The Walking Dead: All-Stars
👉 The Walking Dead: All-Stars Newbie FAQ
👉 Your Guide to the Official Community, Coupons, and Community Events
👉 How to Be a Content Creator for The Walking Dead: All-Stars



ⓘ Notes

* Please note that, even if you qualify, the selection process for program creators is based on internal criteria, and there is a possibility that you may not be selected.
If you have any questions related to Content Support Program applications, please contact GM_Timmy on the Official Discord channel.
➡️ Go to The Walking Dead: All-Stars Official Discord Channel


* Creators who violate the following rules can have their applications rejected.

- Fair play must be maintained and presented in live streams or published content for the game.
- You must comply with the attached Content Creation Guidelines for The Walking Dead: All-Stars, including but not limited to, the Intellectual Property Guidelines.
- You must not disparage the brand of The Walking Dead: All-Stars in your created content in any way.
- You must follow the terms and services required of the platforms you are using.
- Your content may not contain material that has a negative impact on the community or is unlawful, in violation of, or contrary to the laws of the Terms of Service/Community Policy.
➡️ Terms of Service/Community Policy


This wraps up today’s post.
We'll continue to work on improving the program based on your feedback.

The Walking Dead: All-Stars appreciates your engagement in all of our communities.

Thank you.


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