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Asyl Quiz Event

Respond if you are still out there!
Hello, Survivors!


For those of you who just joined Asyl,
the community is requesting your help to gather important information!


Every day for 10 days, you'll be asked 5 questions (50 questions in total).
For every correct answer, you'll earn points toward your Quiz Event Pass!
Score enough points, and you'll receive rewards!


Got a question wrong?
Don't worry! You can change your answer using a Bonus Chance item!





๐Ÿ“– Asyl Quiz Event



[Quiz Availability]
8/22/23 00:00 ~ 9/2/23 23:59 (UTC)

8/21/23 17:00 ~ 9/2/23 16:59 (PDT)


[Quiz Reward Availability]
8/22/23 00:00 ~ 9/2/23 23:59 (UTC)

8/21/23 17:00 ~ 9/2/23 16:59 (PDT)



  • Clear Stage 3-36 to unlock the Asyl Quiz Event in the Event tab.


[Event Details]

1) The Asyl Quiz Event consists of 10 quizzes, with 1 quiz released each day.
2) Each quiz consists of 5 questions. Answer questions correctly to earn points.
3) Based on the total points earned, rewards can be claimed from the Quiz Event Pass in the upper right-hand corner of the Event page.
4) A bonus reward will be awarded if you achieve a perfect score on a quiz.
5) An incorrect answer can be changed using 1 Bonus Chance item or by watching a Video.


โ“˜ Notice 
1) The Asyl Quiz Event will last for 12 days. A new quiz will be released every day up until Day 10.
2) Each correct answer will earn you Quiz Event Pass points.
3) If you answer all 5 questions in a quiz correctly, you will earn a bonus reward.
4) You can use 1 Bonus Chance item or watch a Video to change an incorrect answer.
5) Bonus Chance items can be obtained from the final Daily Quest Treasure Chest.
6) At the end of the event, any unused/unclaimed Bonus Chance items and rewards will be deleted.
7) Assistance will not be provided for issues related to items not claimed within the event period.
8) If you do not receive a reward after tapping to claim it, please send a screenshot of the issue to Customer Support for assistance.

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