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[Event] Asyl's Night Sky Event



Respond if you are still out there!


As a celebration of the 1st Anniversary, would you like to watch Asyl's Night Sky together?
Get a chance to see the stars in Asyl's Night Sky as well as get an opportunity to receive various rewards!


Complete the Asyl's Night Sky event and receive a special 1st Anniversary Emoji Pack!
Read on for more details!





๐ŸŒ™ Asyl's Night Sky Event



[Event Period]
After the Update ~ 9/18/23 23:59 (UTC)

After the Update ~ 9/18/23 16:59 (PDT)


[Event Details]

  • Complete missions on the bingo board (3x5) and obtain rewards.


[How to Participate]

During the event, the event menu will be displayed in the '1st Anniversary' tab.
Tap the Event menu and enter the Event page. You can claim rewards once each mission is complete.


[Event Reward(s)]


Visit the Official Community 1 timeCanned Food Box (XL) x1
Obtain Neutral Epic character x1Canned Food Box (XL) x1
Play Joint Combat 15 timesCanned Food Box (XL) x1
Obtain Bystander Epic character x1Canned Food Box (XL) x1
Defeat Supply Run Boss 9 timesCanned Food Box (XL) x1
Complete Frontier Combat 10 timesSkill Manual (L) x1
Gift Interaction Points to Friends 100 timeCanned Food Box (XL) x1
Complete Frontier Combat 20 timesSkill Manual (L) x1
Complete 12 Joint Dispatch MissionCanned Food Box (XL) x1
Obtain Ally Epic character x1Canned Food Box (XL) x1
Recruit 10 timesSkill Manual (L) x1
Use Quick Search 10 timeCanned Food Box (XL) x1
Exchange item at the Normal Trading Post onceSkill Manual (L) x1
Obtain Predator Epic character x1Canned Food Box (XL) x1
Exchange items at the Normal Trading Post 5 timesSkill Manual (L) x1
Complete a horizontal Bingo lineSupply Box x1
Complete a vertical Bingo lineLottery Ticket x1
Complete the entire Bingo board1st Anniversary Emoji Pack


โ“˜ Notice 
1) Tap the image after clearing a mission to get rewards.
2) Rewards for completed lines can only be issued after tapping Claim.
3) Please note that unclaimed rewards during the event cannot be recovered.
4) If you have issues claiming your rewards, please be sure to contact Customer Support and provide a screenshot.





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