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[Event] Memory Archive Event



Respond if you are still out there!


Another event is here to celebrate the Walking Dead: All-Stars' 1st Anniversary!
This time, it's time to bring back the memories and reminisce about the past year by completing a series of quests!


It's your chance to clear daily quests and 
receive all kinds of rewards!


New quests will be available every day,
so don't forget to check for new quests and the rewards daily![Introduction]





๐Ÿ“– Memory Archive Event 



[Event Period]
After the update ~ 9/18/23 23:59 (UTC)

After the update ~ 9/18/23 16:59 (PDT)


[Event Details]

1. Clear a set of quests that are available every day in the Memory Archive event page.
2. Once all of the quests are completed for the day, the puzzle pieces will come into place and reveal the memory(photo).


[How to Participate]

  • Once you've cleared Stage 2-1. the event menu will be available in the Event tab.


โ“˜ Notice 
- New quests are available every day and previous quests will still be available the next day.
- All rewards in the Memory Archive are issued only once.
- Please note that we may not be able to assist you with any issues that occurred from not claiming the rewards during the event.
- If you have issues claiming your rewards, please be sure to contact Customer Support and provide a screenshot.





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