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[Event] Kate's Gun Range 2 Event (8/30/23 ~ 9/16/23 PDT)



Hey Survivors!


Test your marksmanship!
Select a target to see what you get!


Read on for more details





๐ŸŽฏ Kate's Gun Range 2 Event (Discord Exclusive)





[Event Period]
After the Announcement - 9/16/23 21:00 (UTC)
After the Announcement - 9/16/23 16:00 (PDT)


[Event Details]

1) React to the target.

The target with the most votes will be the community's pick.

2) Fill out the Google Form that is provided in the designated channel. 


[How to Participate]

1) If you have not already, come join our Discord Server


2) Head on over to #kates-gun-range-2 channel
3) Participate as stated in [Event Details]

[Event Reward(s)]

  • Possible Rewards: Gold Bars x300 / x500 / x700 / x1,000


โ“˜ Notice 

  • - You must submit your answer through Google Forms to receive rewards. 
    - Participation on Forum or other Social Media will not count toward participation.
    - Make sure that the information you enter in the Google Form is correct. Rewards will be omitted if the information is incorrectly entered. 
  • - Please note that event details are subject to change.
    - Please note that rewards will be sent within 7 days after the event ends.
    - If you have any issues related to the rewards, please contact [Customer Support]



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