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1st Anniversary Spot the Difference Event

Respond if you are still out there!
Hello, Survivors!


As a continuation of the 1st Anniversary, we've prepared a new event for everyone!
The event is... 'Spot the Difference' event!


Let's test your keen sense and find the differences!

Please see down below for more details about the event.



๐Ÿ‘€1st Anniversary Spot the Difference Event

Original Image

Quiz Image

Event Period

After the announcement ~ 9/14 14:59 (UTC)

Event Details

Download the quiz image, circle the differences and upload the new image onto the [Spot the Difference] board.


Event Reward
1) All Participants : 2,000 Gold Bars
2) 50 Lucky Winners from those who answered everything correctly (From all servers) : Normal Recruit Ticket x10


How to Enter
1) Log in to the Community with the account where you wish to receive your rewards.
2) Select your server.
3) Download the image and circle your answers on the bottom image!
4) Upload the image with your circles onto the [Spot the Difference] event board.
โ”” Before submitting your answer, double check to make sure you've entered the correct server info on your profile.


โ“˜ Event Info
- This event is available worldwide.
- All event rewards can only be claimed once per account (based on CS Code).
- Images unrelated to the event will not be counted.
- Using others' images will not be counted.
- Rewards will be sent to the Mailbox of the account that participated in the event. Please check to make sure that you're logged in to the correct account before participating!
- Rewards will be sent to the server designated in your profile.
- There will be a separate Event Results notice that will outline how to claim your rewards.
- Please note that the aforementioned event details are subject to change. If the event receives any updates, we will keep you posted via notice.

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Ongoing Event ๐ŸŽ Post

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