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[Event] P2O Event Festival!

Greetings, Survivors!

The Walking Dead: All-Stars and XPLA GAMES have finally come toghether!

As a celebration of the integration of P2O, we have prepared an event festival,
where you can complete missions and receive XPLA!


Please check down below for more information about the event!



🎈P2O Event Festival


Event Period : After announcement ~ 12/31/2023 23:59 (UTC)


Mission 1: Skip the Ads!


Mission Details:
If you are over VIP level 12 and have Ad Skip and/or if you reach VIP level 12 during the
event period, then you complete Mission #1!
β”” Those who do not meet the VIP Level requirement could also purchase the Ad Skip for the event and participate in the event.


Requirements to Receive Reward (meet 1 of the following):
(1) You are over VIP Level 12
(2) You reach VIP Level 12
(3) You obtain Ad Skip through the Perks Shop


Mission 2: Convert, Convert, Convert!


Mission Details:
If you convert XPLA to Unknown Coins, or convert Unknown Coins to XPLA, at least once, then you complete Mission #2!

Requirements to Receive Reward:
: Convert XPLA to Unknown Coins and/or Unknown Coins to XPLA at least once.
β”” You must have your XPLA GAMES Wallet linked to your game account.
β”” Guide on how to "convert" XPLA ↔ Unknown Coins Click Here


Please cast your vote!Proceeding
1. Please enter your server number.
2. Please enter your server number.
3. Please enter your server number.
4. Please enter your server number.
5. Please enter your server number.
6. Please enter your XPLA GAMES Wallet address.





Mission #1 Reward : 30 XPLA
Mission #2 Reward : 10 XPLA
β”” Both Mission #1 and Mission #2 must be completed in order to receive the reward.


Please Note
β˜† This event may be restricted by laws within the region you're located in. This region includes China(PRC), Singapore, Japan, and South Korea.
β˜† If you do not complete either Mission #1 or #2, then you will not qualify for the event. You must complete both Missions.
β˜† There is a finite amount of XPLA dedicated for the event, so the End Date of the event is subject to change depending on the progress.
: Every 2 weeks, completion of both missions will be checked and those who have completed both missions will receive the reward.
β”” A separate reward distribution notice will be available every other Tuesday.
β”” The notice will guide you on where and how to obatin the rewards.


Mission 1 Notes
: You can participate in Mission #1 once per CS Code AND Server.
β”” If the Server is different, then you can participate once per server (up to 5 different servers)
β”” Up to 150 XPLA can be obtained when you complete the Mission in all 5 servers.
: Those who have purchased Ad skip to meet requirement (3) will qualify for the event not until after 1 week has past since the purchase.


Mission 2 Notes
: The conversion (exchanging from XPLA to Unknown Coins, or vice-versa) can take place only once per CS Code qualify for the mission.
: You must have your XPLA GAMES Wallet linked to your in-game account before converting your XPLA and/or Unknown Coins.



For the most recent updates regarding P2O information,

please visit The Walking Dead: All-Stars Discord! 

Click Here

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