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[Event] The Walking Dead: All-Stars Zealy Airdrop Event

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Hello, Survivors!


The Walking Dead: All-Stars is holding a new XPLA  Giveaway Event following the onboarding of XPLA GAMES in the recent update!


Many of you are taking an interest on the new XPLA system that has been implemented in The Walking Dead: All-Stars. Therefore, we have decided to hold an event that will reward XPLA for those of you who complete a series of missions! Believe it or not, we will be spending from a pool of whopping 100,000 XPLA for the rewarding process!!

The Walking Dead: All-Stars Zealy Airdrop Event

Join in on this event and claim your XPLA rewards just sitting around!


Find out down below on how you can claim XPLA! Better safe than sorry!   
Check out the details below — you won’t want to miss out on the fun!


1️⃣ The Walking Dead: All-Stars Zealy Airdrop Event


[Event Page]   
Click Here    
FYI: You will need to have created a Discord account, Twitter account, and XPLA GAMES Wallet.   
* Please create a XPLA Games wallet referring to this guide Click Here


[Event Rewards]   
Total of 60,000 $XPLA for 1,000 participants   
> Top 1 | 4,000 $XPLA   
> Top 2~3: 2,000 $XPLA each | Total: 4,000 $XPLA   
> Top 4~10: 1,000 $XPLA each | Total: 7,000 $XPLA   
> Top 11~50: 200 $XPLA each | Total: 8,000 $XPLA   
> Top 51~100: 100 $XPLA each | Total: 5,000 $XPLA   
> Top 101~500: 50 $XPLA each | Total: 20,000 $XPLA   
> Top 501~1,000: 24 $XPLA each | Total: 12,000 $XPLA 


[Event Period]   
Until November 27th 10:00 UTC, 2023

Until November 27th 14:00 PST, 2023


[Reward Distribution & Winner Announcement]   
December 2023 (Exact date will be announced)


■ Q&A

How do I participate in the event?   
> 🔗Click here to participate in the event.   
Which countries are restricted?   
> Restricted countries: China(PRC), Singapore, South Korea, and Japan.   
Can I participate multiple times?   
> Duplicate participation is strictly not allowed, and only one participation per wallet is permitted.   
When will the result be announced?   
> The winners will be determined based on the aforementioned rules in December, and the detailed date and time of the announcement will be shared on our official channels.


How do I make inquiries related to the event? 
> All inquiries related to the event :


In order to get rewards, you must submit your XPLA Vault Wallet address correctly. When an event winner claims event reward, $XPLA is required as a fee. The event schedule may change depending on the situation. Any changes will get announced through our official communities: Twitter and Medium. Participation is available once per account. Restricted Country: Korea, Japan, Singapore, and China(PRC)   

Users who participate in the Airdrop Event unfairly or illegally may be excluded from the list of winners. You will be excluded from the winner’s list if you abuse or overlap participation.  

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Ongoing Event 🎁 Post

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