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Transaction Fee Support Event!

Respond if you are still out there!
Greetings, Survivors!


Is everyone enjoying the newly updated The Walking Dead: All-Stars with the onboarding of XPLA GAMES?

It seems that many of you are having a great time collecting Unknown Coins within the game!

Therefore, we are here to provide something special so that you could easily convert your Unknown Coins to XPLA and vice-versa!

The Walking Dead: All-Stars will support all Survivors with a transaction fee needed when converting to XPLA or Unknown Coin for the first time!


Please check down below for more information!


๐ŸŽTransaction Fee Support Event


Event Period 

After the announcement ~ 12/31/2023 23:59 (UTC)


Event Details
If you are past World Stage 7-40, then enter your CS Code, server ID and XPLA GAMES Wallet address to obtain the Transaction Fee.


Please cast your vote!Proceeding
1. Please enter your CS Code.
2. Please enter the Server ID of the account that cleared World Stage 7-40.
3. Please enter your XPLA GAMES Wallet address.




Event Reward
0.3 XPLA


Requirements to Receive Reward
: You must have cleared World Stage 7-40 to participate in this event.
: You must have your XPLA GAMES Wallet linked to your game account.
โ”” Guide on how to "convert" XPLA โ†” Unknown Coins Click Here


Please Note
โ˜† This event may be restricted by laws within the region you're located in. This region includes China(PRC), Singapore, Japan, and South Korea. 
โ˜† There is a finite amount of XPLA dedicated for the event, so the End Date of the event is subject to change depending on the progress.
: Every week, those who have entered their XPLA GAMES Wallet Address and Server Id will be rewarded with 0.3 XPLA (only once per XPLA GAMES Wallet).
โ”” A separate reward distribution notice will be available every Tuesday.
โ”” Participations until Monday 23:59 (UTC) will be counted for Tuesday's reward distribution and participations after Monday will be counted for the reward distribution week after.
โ”” The first reward distribution will be on Tuesday 11/7.
: Please note that this support will be available only for your first conversion and a small transaction fee will occur for every transaction after the first conversion.

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