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[Event] Speed Card Battle

Respond if you are still out there!
Hello, Survivors!


A new Speed Card Battle has been added to The Walking Dead: All-Stars!

You simply have to deplete all of your cards faster the opponent to win the battle!


From "Slowpoke" Henry to "Slight of Hand" Andrew!

Battle against the opponents and collect your rewards!

Speed Card Battle


[Event Period]
11/15 After the update ~ 11/26 23:59 (UTC)

11/15 After the update ~ 11/26 15:59 (PST)

[Event Details]
1. You can enter the Speed Card Battle event through the 1.19 Update Collection in the Event Tab
2. You can challenge an opponent up to 3 times a day.
3. You can challenge Henry (Skill Level 1), Princess (Skill Level 2), and/or Andrew (Skill Level 3) in a 1 vs 1 battle.
└ The opponent's speed increases depending on the Skill Level.
4. The player who depletes all of his/her cards in hand will win the battle.
5. After winning a battle, your win streak can go up to 15 wins.
└ Challenges are not used during a win streak.
└ Complete quests by using challenges on certain characters or successfully achieving a win streak against them and earn rewards.
6. You'll earn Speed Points (Speed Event Pass EXP) each time you use a challenge which then can be used to obtain rewards.

[How to Enter]
Once you've cleared Stage 2-1, you may enter this event through the event tab.

[Please Note]
1) You can challenge up to 3 times a day for the Speed Card Battle.
2) You can earn rewards despite the outcome of the battle.
└ However, the resulting reward may differ depending on whether it's a win or a loss.
3) Please note that we may not be able to assist you with any issues that occurred from unclaimed rewards during the event.
4) If you have issues claiming your rewards, please be sure to contact Customer Support and provide a screenshot.

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Ongoing Event 🎁 Post

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