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[Event] - May Special Every Day Purchase Event & Total VIP EXP

Respond if you are still out there!
Hello, Survivors!


To welcome May, we have prepared 2 new events where you could accumulate VIP EXP and make in-game purchases to receive additional rewards!


Check down below for the epic rewards you could obtain to boost your growth!

๐ŸŽ„May Special Every Day Purchase Event & Total VIP EXP Event


<Every Day Purchase Event>

[Event Period]
05/14 00:00 ~ 05/31 23:59 (UTC)

05/13 17:00 ~ 05/31 16:59 (PDT)

[Event Details]

You could receive bonus rewards through making in-game purchases in the game every day for 6 days.


[Event Reward]


<Total VIP EXP Event>

[Event Period]
05/14 00:00 ~ 05/28 23:59 (UTC)

05/13 17:00 ~ 05/28 16:59 (PDT)

[Event Details]

During the event period, you can accumulate VIP EXP to receive rewards.


[Event Reward]

โ“˜ Please Note
- Tap the image after clearing a mission to get rewards.
- Starting from the day you sign up, the Every Day Purchase Event will be available twice, 9 days each, until 5/31 23:59 (UTC).
- Starting from the day you sign up, the Total VIP EXP Event will last for 15 days (available once) until 5/28 23:59 (UTC).
- If you have issues claiming your rewards, please be sure to contact Customer Support and provide a screenshot.

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