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[Event] - Deserted Airport

Calling all Survivors!
Hello, Survivors.


A new event has arrived, where you can obtain more rewards by defeating bosses and climbing higher in the rankings, including mission characters in your team!


Don't miss the opportunity to obtain more Adaptation Records as you climb higher in the rankings!


Include mission characters in your team to deal more damage to bosses!


Find all the details below!

Deserted Airport


[Event Period]

06/05 After the update ~ 06/18 23:50 (UTC)
06/04 After the update ~ 06/18 16:50 (PDT)


[Event Details]
1. Participate in the <Deserted Airport> event through the event tab.
2. You can play <Deserted Airport> up to 5 times a day for free.
3. When challenging, place 5 characters in each of the 3 teams

Each team requires a specific character to deploy and once deployed, your CP will be determined based on the mission character's development status.

4. Challenge for higher rankings by maximizing your score acquisition
5. Exchange the Airport Loots obtained from the event at the 'Deserted Airport' exchange shop for in-game items.


[How to Participate]
Clear Stage 9-40 to unlock the event in the Event tab.

ⓘ Notice

- The free challenge limit for the <Deserted Airport> event is 5 times per day.
- Tap Challenge for each daily attempt.
- Items available for exchange at the Exchange Shop have a limited number of exchanges.
- Daily rank rewards corresponding to your rank will be delivered to your Mailbox after daily calculations for the first 13 days.
- The season rewards corresponding to your final rank will be delivered to your Mailbox after the event ends.

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Ongoing Event 🎁 Post

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