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[Event] - Town Management

Respond if you are still out there!
Hello, Survivors!


Raiders are after our supplies. Letโ€™s double down on the town's safety!
Once it's over, you can get your hands on more supplies!


Complete Town Management to obtain a Survivor Choice Ticket!

Read on for more details!

๐Ÿ  Town Management Event ๐Ÿ 


[Event Period]

06/05 After update - 06/18 23:59 (UTC)
06/04 After update - 06/18 16:59 (PDT)


[Event Details]
Complete missions on the bingo board (3x5) and obtain rewards.


[How to Enter]
- During the event, the event menu will be displayed in the Event tab. 
- Tap the Event menu and enter the Event page. You can claim rewards once each mission is complete.


[Event Gift]

โ“˜ Notice
1) Tap the image after clearing a mission to get rewards.
2) Rewards for completed lines can only be issued after tapping Claim.
3) Please note that rewards left unclaimed during the event cannot be recovered.
4) If you have issues claiming your rewards, please be sure to contact Customer Support and provide a screenshot.

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Ongoing Event ๐ŸŽ Post

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