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[Event] - Safekeeper’s Proposal

Calling all Survivors!
Hello, Survivors.


Win and obtain Unknown Coins!

Check out the Safekeeper’s Dice Total first to see if you're up for the challenge. 

Find all the details below!

<Safekeeper’s Proposal>


[Event Period]

After the update ~ 07/30 23:59 (UTC)

After the update ~ 07/30 16:59 (PDT)


[Event Details]
1.Find <Safekeeper’s Proposal> in the Event tab or the Safe Room event tab.
2. You can play <Safekeeper's Proposal> up to 300 times a day.
3. Once you accept the challenge, the Safekeeper will roll 3 dice, and the total will be displayed.
4. Based on the Safekeeper’s Dice Total, you can choose to continue or back out. You can spend Unknown Coins to continue.
5. If your Dice Total exceeds the Safekeeper’s, you'll earn Unknown Coins based on the dividend rate.

- In case of a tie or loss, Unknown Coins will be deducted from your spent total.


[How to Participate]
Clear Stage 3-36 to unlock the event in the Event tab or the Safe Room event tab.

ⓘ Important

- Safekeeper’s Proposal can be played up to 300 times a day.
- Tap Challenge for each daily attempt.
- Dividend rates vary based on the Safekeeper’s dice total.
- Please note that you must have a minimum of 1,000 Unknown Coins in your inventory.

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