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[Event] - Underground Bunker

Respond if you are still out there!
Hello, Survivors!


We've discovered the Underground Bunker, a safe shelter from all those walkers out there!

The problem is, it looks like it's already being occupied by others. Engage in combat against Survivors from all servers and take control of the Underground Bunker!

✨ Underground Bunker


[Event Period]
Underground Bunker Availability:

After the update - 07/16 23:59 (UTC)

After the update - 07/16 16:59 (PDT)


Season Reward Availability:

After the update - 07/19 23:59 (UTC)
After the update - 07/19 16:59 (PDT)


[How to Enter]
Once you've cleared Stage 11-40, you may enter this event through the Event tab or Frontier menu.


Underground Bunker Details
1) Bunker Tickets are used to play Underground Bunker.
2) Character level and Gear are adjusted.
3) You will be matched with an opponent based on your current CP.
4) You can advance to higher tiers through combat. You'll receive rewards as you reach a new tier.
5) Once a season ends, you'll receive Bunker Points based on your final tier. You can then exchange these points for a Frame Reward.
6) Ranked users in the Challenger tier earn Loot Rewards for their Community.

1) All rewards can be claimed only once during a season.
2) Although you can proceed without any characters deployed in your Defense Team, the team will be defeated instantly once the battle starts.
3) Battle Rewards can be obtained 3 times a day. Winning will earn you more rewards.
4) If you have issues claiming your rewards, please be sure to contact our Customer Support and provide a screenshot.
5) Season Rewards, Winner's Loots, or Frame Rewards cannot be claimed once the reward availability period ends. Be sure to claim them before they're gone.

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