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[Event] - Destiny's Draw

Calling all Survivors!
Hello, Survivors.


Win and obtain Unknown Coins!

Don't miss your chance to be one of our lucky winners!
Find all the details below!

Destiny's Draw Event


[Event Date]
 → Event Participation Period:
07/07 00:00 ~ 08/02 23:59 (UTC)
07/06 17:00 ~ 08/02 16:59 (PDT)

→ Reward Claim Period:

07/10 00:00 ~ 08/05 20:59 (UTC)
07/09 17:00 ~ 08/05 13:59 (PDT)


[Event Details]
1. Find <Destiny's Draw> in the Event tab and the Safe Room.
2. The <Destiny's Draw> consists of several rounds with each round running for 3 days, and you can participate by consuming 1,000 Unknown Coins for each Raffle Ticket.
3. You can select 5 numbers for each auto or manual Raffle Ticket.
4. Prizes for 1st~4th place are awarded based on how many of your initially chosen numbers match the drawn numbers after each round ends. 
5. You can claim the reward in the result pop-up window on the World screen after the winner results are announced.

[How to Participate]
Clear Stage 3-36 to unlock the event in the Event tab or in the Safe Room event tab.

- You can participate up to 50 times for each round.
- The rewards for the final round can only be claimed before the <Destiny's Draw> event (reward claim period) ends.
- Any unclaimed rewards will be deleted.
- If there is no 1st place winner in a round, the 1st place rewards will be carried over to the next round.
- Please note that you must have a minimum of 1,000 Unknown Coins in your inventory.

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