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[Event] - v1.24 Update Preview Quiz

Respond if you're still out there!
This is The Walking Dead: All-Stars.


The Update Preview for Version 1.24 is finally here!

Version 1.24 features a brand new survivor, [Oliver], as well as various new contents!

We're all excited for the upcoming, new Survivor and stories in the v1.24 Update!
And so to test your knowledge on the v1.24 update, we've prepared a simple quiz for you!

Answer the quiz questions below and earn rewards!

πŸ“– v1.24 Update Quiz Event


[Event Period]
After the announcement - 04/02 14:59 (UTC)

After the announcement - 04/02 07:59 (PDT)


[Event Details]

  • Complete the quiz and receive rewards


[How to Participate] (if needed)

1) Log in to the Community with the account where you wish to receive your rewards.
2) Select your server:

β‘  Click your profile icon at the top right of the Community page.
β‘‘ Click the cogwheel in the top left corner of your Community profile image.
β‘’ Select and save your server in your Profile settings.

3) Vote for the correct answer for each question!
4) Make sure to double-check your server before completing the quiz!


HINT: The v1.24 Update Preview might come in handy!


Voting has ended.End
1. Enter the Server Number you would like to receive the rewards on. (e.g. S1 or 1)
2. Which of the following is the alignment for the new Survivor, Oliver?
3. Which of the following character doesn't stay at the resort to tidy up together in the final story of Thailand (Survival Records)?
4. Which of the following is the correct name of the new event where you can obtain bigger prizes as you climb higher in the rankings by defeating the bosses?
5. The name of Oliver's ultimate skill is 'Brutal Punch'.



[Event Reward]

1️⃣ All Answers correct: Reward Select Chest x10 + Gear Alignment Ticket x1
2️⃣ At least one answer wrong: Reward Select Chest x5 + Gear Alignment Ticket x1


β“˜ Important
- This event is available worldwide.
- Rewards will be sent to the Mailbox of the account that participated in the event. Please check to make sure that you're logged in to the correct account before participating!
- Rewards will be sent to the server selected for the participating account.
- If server information is empty or entered incorrectly, your rewards will be issued to the first server created under your account.
- All event rewards can only be claimed once per account (based on CS Code).
- Please note that the aforementioned event details are subject to change. If the event receives any updates, we will keep you posted via notice.
- Users with a history of violating our Operations Policy may not be eligible for this event.


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