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[Notice] Schedule Changes to the Last Man Standing


Hello, Survivors!


After multiple beta seasons, the Last Man Standing (LMS) will now officially open after the 12/5 update.


The opening of the Last Man Standing was due for 12/3; however,


we have moved the opening date to after the official start of the season.


So please check the details of the schedule down below.



Schedule Changes to the Last Man Standing (LMS)



[Last Man Standing Opening Schedule]

  • -The 12/3 Open has shifted to 12/6 Open (after the update).

*Only the date has changed, so the starting time and details remain the same.


[Additional Information]

-The official season of the Last Man Standing (LMS) will begin after the 12/5 update. 

-The Proof of Mastery ranking record in the beta season will reset once the official season starts.

-You may obtain Frames as rewards from the Proof of Mastery depending on your rank of the Last Man Standing's official season.


ⓘ Notice

-The opening schedule of the Last Man Standing may be subject to change depending on the progress. If so, we will notify you through a notice.



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