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Happy New Year, Survivors!


Greetings, Survivors.


After an eventful 2022, is everyone ready to welcome the upcoming 2023?


The Ops & Dev team would like to thank everyone for the tremendous amount of love and support this past year.




The first year with all of our Survivors has been wonderful, and we are excited to welcome 2023 with you all.
To continue this momentum and show our appreciation to all of our Survivors,
The Walking Dead: All-Stars team will do its utmost to provide a great gaming experience in 2023.


We will continue to diligently gather our minds together to bring forth exciting events and various contents, so we hope you all stay with us for the next year as well!


We wish only for the best for our Survivors in 2023.


Happy New Year!


- The Walking Dead: All-Stars Ops & Dev Team -


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