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[Notice] Special Perk Update


Hello, Survivors!


Special Perk items will be revamped for the 2/6 update.


Special Perks (23.99$, 49.99$, 99.99$) will offer increased items except for the Gear Select Chest (Legendary).


If you've already purchased these offers before the update,

you will receive additional rewards that correspond to the amount added after the revamp.


Read on for more details. 



✨Special Perk Update



[Eligible Period for Additional Rewards]

Purchases made after the 1.3 update and before the 2/6 update


[Eligible Items]

Special Perks (23.99$, 49.99$, 99.99$)


[How to Claim]

We will be sending a chest containing the rewards after the 2/20 update.


ⓘ Notice

  • - When you purchase Special Perk items before the 2/6 update, you are eligible for additional rewards that correspond to the amount added with the update.

- Please note that if you select an item that is not eligible, no additional rewards will be given.


Once the chest is sent, we'll make sure to let you know via a separate notice.


Thank you.



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