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11/15 Known Issues (Updated 11/17 05:30 UTC)


Respond if you are still out there!

We would like to inform all Survivors about the issue found after the 11/15 update.

Please check out the details of the issues down below.

『11/15 Known Issues』

1. Issue when an error pop-up appears when logging in and/or entering certain contents (✅Issue Temporarily Fixed 11/15 10:50 UTC)
- Issue : Issue where, after the the 1.19 update, an error pop-up(100) appears when logging in and/or entering certain contents.
- Action : We're currently checking on the issue and will take action once the root of the problem has been found.
- Notice : This issue which is related to Joint Combat battle, is temporarily fixed currently. (It will be officialy fixed afterwards)
ㄴ In relation to this, there is a problem that seems to accumulate compensation boxes even though there is no increase in damage if it exceeds 100 million damage, and it will be resolved later. (The actual compensation is the same as before)


2. Issue about the end time at 'Journey Trading Post' not shown properly
- Issue : Regardless of the start/end time of the 'Journey Back' event, the initialization time for the 'Journey Trading Post' is set 30 days after the first 'Journey Trading Post' entering time 
- Action : The issue will be fixed on the next update.
- Notice : The next 'Journey Back' event will start at 11/17 UTC, and if the previous 30 days have not elapsed, the initialization will proceed after 30 days based on the time of 'Journey Trading Post' first entry


3. An issue where entering the 'Headhunt' content is not available
- Issue : An issue where 'Headhunt' content not being unlocked if you do not click 'Next Chapter' after clearing 15-40 stage
- Action : We are currently identifying the issue, and the issue will be fixed when identified.
- Notice : In case of accounts with this issue occurring, please re-start the game and 'Headhunt' content will be available.


4. An issue where the translation in 'Speed Card Battle' quests not shown properly (✅ Issue Fixed 11/17 05:30 UTC)
- Issue : An issue where the 'Princess' is mistranslated as 'Henry' within some quests in the 'Speed Card Battle'.
- Action : It will be fixed on 11/17.
- Notice: The quests will now be shown properly if you re-start the game. 


We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience, and we will work diligently to ameliorate the known issues above to provide a better gaming environment.

Should additional issues come up, then we will notify everyone as soon as possible through this notice.

We thank you for your patience.

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