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[Update] - v1.27 Update Details

Hello Survivors!

Here is the patch note for the v1.27 Update!

Before you jump into the game, please check out the details.

v1.27 Update Details


[Expanded World Stage]

: Chapter 55 has been added to the World Map.
: Chapter 55 has been included in the Library, accordingly.


[New/Updated Content]

1. New Feature: Mode Booster
: Introducing Mode Booster, a new feature where you can apply various buffs tailored for each content!
: The new feature unlocks upon clearing Stage 14-40.
: You can access Mode Booster through [Town] > [Administration].
: You can spend Mode Booster Reports to activate and change the buffs that can be applied to each mode: Stage, Community, Search Mission, Frontier, and Camp Defense.
: You need to fulfill the requirements for each content’s buff slots to activate them.
: Each mode features a different list of buffs. Buff types and grades will be determined based on a set rate.
: Mode Booster Reports can be obtained in the following in-game content: Desperate Search Rank Reward, Deserted Airport Trading Post, Unknown Coin Trading Post, etc.


2. Stage and Camp Defense (Overseer/Warlord) Difficulty Adjustment

: The difficulty of certain stages and the Camp Defense (Overseer/Warlord) has been adjusted.

- Stage: Difficulty adjustments have been made for Stage 51-27 and all subsequent stages.
- Camp Defense: Difficulty adjustments have been for Floor 1,432 and all subsequent floors.
- Camp Defense (Overseer/Predator): Adjustments have been made for Floor 775 and all subsequent floors.


3. Mega Sale Coupon Item
: Added a new coupon item that enables you to purchase offers at a discounted price.

[Character Improvements]

: Carl Grimes’s skill effects have received the following boosts:

A Father’s Lesson: The skill now deals more damage to enemies.
Deception: The cooldown of the skill has been reduced, and the explosion radius of the time bomb has been increased.
True Courage: A new effect has been added, granting Carl Grimes 1,000 Energy upon using the Deception skill for the first time.

: Following these adjustments, the revamped Carl Grimes has been added to the Survivor Growth Packs.


: To celebrate the arrival of July, we've refreshed several events and features in the Town menu with a July-themed ambiance.
: Insufficient currencies required to increase the Training Grounds level will now be displayed when applicable.

- If you don't have enough currencies in your inventory to increase your Training Level, the required amount will now be displayed more intuitively.

: [Deserted Airport]'s mission character stats have been improved.
: More detailed information has been added to the pop-up of the [Deserted Airport]'s mission character.

- The information now includes the maximum damage output for reaching the maximum value on the following: character’s grade, Personal Gear Level, the number of tagged Legendary Benefits, and the Survival Skill Level.

: The stage difficulty adjustments will now be applied for up to 7 days instead of 5 days, in an effort to assist players in overcoming any challenging stages they are stuck on.

: A brand-new event, Character Trial, has been added. You can try out new and boosted characters for 3 days.

- The new feature unlocks upon clearing Stage 6-40.
- The trial characters can also be deployed in any content that utilizes Mercenaries.
- There are no deployment limits for the trial characters.
- For the 1.27 update, the boosted character, Carl Grimes, is available for you to try out.

: Chapter Preview now allows you to get a glimpse of the newly added chapter 55.

- Chapter Preview can be accessed from the Event tab.

: [Data] Survival Record—A Leap in the Dark—has been added, which is available only during the event.
: The 7-Day Login Event rewards have been updated.
: The 14-Day Growth Support Event has been added, offering you a load of rewards every day.
: For the 1.27 update, we‘ve revamped the rewards for the Town Management Event.
: Exchange Items in the Quench Your Thirst event have received updates in the 1.27 update.

- Dice can be earned from the Event Pack and Daily Limited Perk offers.
- Water Bottles can also be exchanged for characters, including Warlord Iris, Overseer Carl Grimes, Survivor’s Notebooks (Stefan), etc.

: Added a Special Pack and a Special Daily Pack.
: Limited Special deals have been added.
: Mega Sale Packs have been added to facilitate character development more conveniently.
: Growth Packs and Camp Defense Packs have been boosted.

- Please note that you must meet the requirements for each boosted pass after the 1.27 update to access them.
- If you’ve already purchased the previous versions of the corresponding passes, both the existing and new packages will be displayed until you claim all the rewards from the existing passes.
- All the existing passes have been renamed Old Growth Pack and Old Camp Defense Pack.
- New items, including Mode Booster Reports, have been added to the following offers: Limited Pack, Weekly Limited Perk, Monthly Limited Perk, Monthly Benefits, and Limited Special.

[Character Updates]
1) Jun-hyuk
: When Jun-hyuk uses his Portable Water Bottle Benefit, his ATK stat will now be applied as a percentage as intended.


2) Carl Grimes
: Deception (Lv. 4) will now instantly explode its time bomb on the enemy when the enemy dies, as intended.


(3) Emily
: Electric Shock’s skill description (Lv. 3) has been updated.


[System Updates]
: The profile pop-up for the Overseer/Warlord characters in Frontier Outskirts and Center of the Frontier now correctly displays all information, including their Alignment Boost details.
: Fixed the text display issue on iOS devices when checking the mission tooltip within the Chapter Preview battle.
: A red dot no longer appears on the Gear icon within the Mercenary character info pop-up even if the Mercenaries have upgradable Gear.
: In the Survival Skill tab, it no longer indicates that a subsequent node can be upgraded if the preceding one hasn't been unlocked due to insufficient materials, even if the materials for the subsequent one are available.
: The "Quick Transfer" text will no longer be displayed every time you increase your Survival Skill level to Lv. 30, 60, and 80, as intended.
: When the sum of your Key Points and those unclaimed in your Mailbox exceeds the maximum limit, tapping the Claim All button in the Mailbox will now display a respective error pop-up, as intended.
: The max. stats for the Deserted Airport's mission character will now be displayed as intended in the effect pop-up.

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