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[Notice] Unclaimed VIP Level Achievement Reward Notice (Complete)

Hello, Survivors!


The VIP Level achievement rewards have been reworked following today's 1.8 Update.


For those of you who have yet to collect the rewards from the VIP level achievements,

we will be sending the uncollected rewards via Mailbox sequentially. 


Multiple players haven't collected their rewards, so the process may take some time.


Check down below for more details and when the distribution is complete,

we will notify you through this notice.


Read on for more details.



Unclaimed VIP Level Achievement Reward Notice (Complete)



[To Whom?]

Survivors who have unclaimed VIP rewards left behind before the v1.8 Update.


[Reward Distribution Date]

  • Sequential distribution after 12/20 01:00 (PST) *Distribution completed at 12/20 00:40 (PST)

*Once the distribution is complete, the title of this notice will have (Complete) written.


[Reward Details]

Any unclaimed VIP level rewards will all be sent through the Mailbox.


ⓘ Notice

- Rewards will be sent out once per account (CS Code) through the Mailbox (stored for 7 days).

- Please note that we will not compensate for any unclaimed rewards due to inactivity (not logging in).

- Please note that unclaimed rewards from not tapping the icon cannot be recovered.

- If you have any issues regarding the distribution, please be sure to contact [Customer Support] and provide a screenshot.



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