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[Notice] 12/19 Known Issues (Updated on 12/20)


Hello, Survivors!


We would like to inform all survivors about the issue found on the v1.8 update.


Please read on for more details.


12/19 Known Issues


1. Malcolm's Survivor Growth Pack isn't being displayed

▪️ Malcolm, a new Survivor in the v1.8 update, isn't correctly included in the Survivor Growth Pack list.

- We expect to fix the issue and have the pack displayed starting 12/23 16:00 (PST).

- If you obtain Malcolm after the v1.8 update, then you may start collecting the Survivor obtain reward from the Survivor Pack after 12/23 16:00 (PST).

- Depending on the time it takes to fix the issue, we intend to extend the period for the Survivor Pack of Malcolm.

  • - The constant red dot on the Survivor Pack is due to the above known issue. This will be fixed as well on 12/23 16:00 (PST) *Issue Fixed
  • **Updated**

2.Bonded Warehouse UI stack issue

▪️ The UI of the Bonded Warehouse is intermittently all stacked together in the middle of the screen when playing the game in certain device languages. 

  • - The cause of the issue has been identified and we're currently preparing to fix the issue. 


We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience and the team will diligently work to fix the issue as soon as possible.

Should more issues come up, then we will notify you through a notice immediately.


Once again, we apologize for the inconvenience.


Thank you.


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