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[Notice] Last Man Standing (LMS) Participating Team Limit Increase Notice


Hello, Survivors.


We have increased the number of participating teams available in the Last Man Standing (LMS) play areas 1 ~ 3 to compensate for the fast growth rate of the characters and the variety of choices when forming a team.


The more available teams in the battle, the more characters needed for the battle!


The chemistry between characters is extremely important now, so expect to see lots of neck and neck battles!


Read on for more details. 



Last Man Standing (LMS) Participating Team Limit Increase Notice


[Play Areas Affected]

Last Man Standing (LMS) Play Area 1 ~ 3

└ The total number of teams joining the battle has increased to 4.

└ Due to the increase in the number of teams joining, a total of 20 characters will participate in the battle.

└ This change will be applied at the start of the new season on 1/28 at 16:00 (PST), on 1/29 at 00:00 (Server Time). 


ⓘ Notice

We are currently preparing to increase the number of teams joining the battle in play areas 4 and above, and will inform you through a separate notice when so.


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