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[Notice] Special Perk Update Reward



Respond if you are still out there!
Hello, Survivors!


We'd like to provide you with more details regarding 

the special perk update notice that we sent out on February 7.


For those of you who've purchased Special Perk items after the 1.3 update but before the 2/7 perk update, 

you'll receive additional rewards. (Items will be available for 2 hours once requirements are met).

Please read on for more details.





✨ Special Perk Update Reward


Additional rewards will be issued by 2/22/23 01:55 (PST)



  1. 1) Purchases made after the 1.3 update and before the 2/7 update
    2) If the Special Perk items you purchased were revamped, you are eligible 
  2.     for additional rewards that correspond with the quantity increases.
    3) Please note that you will not receive additional rewards if you selected an item that is not eligible.



A reward chest has been sent which contains additional items that correspond with the increased quantity.

Example 1) 
Special Perk ($23.99) 
Before Update: 400 Conduct Manuals → After Update: 500 Conduct Manuals 
Chest contains 100 Conduct Manuals to compensate.

Example 2) 
Special Perk ($49.99)
Before Update: 20 Alignment Recruit Tickets → After Update: 30 Alignment Recruit Tickets
Chest contains 10 Alignment Recruit Tickets to compensate.


For users who purchased the following: 

  • - Benefit Material
  • - Toolbox
  • - P. Gear Material Box (Choice)
  • - Conduct Manual
  • - Gear Upgrade Material Box
  • - Fine Weapon Parts
  • - Torn Notebook





For users who purchased the following: 

  • - Alignment Recruit Ticket
  • - Headhunt Ticket
  • - Alignment Survivor Recruit Ticket (Rare)




For users who purchased the following

  • - Canned Food Box (XL)
  • - Survival EXP (XL)
  • Skill Manual (XL)





For users who purchased the following: 

Canned Food Box

Survival EXP

Skill Manual





ⓘ Notice

- If you haven't received your rewards or received an incorrect quantity, please contact [Customer Support].

- The number of chests issued is equal to the number of times you've purchased the perk.
- Rewards will be stored in your Mailbox for up to 7 days.



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