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[Notice] New Version Available



AD v1.10.4/iOS v1.10.5 New Version Available 

Calling all Survivors!
Hello, Survivors!

We have finished fixing issues that were previously identified in the game.
Version 1.10.5 is now available to download from your respective app market.

We recommend that survivors connect to Wi-Fi when downloading the game to avoid unnecessary data consumption.
Please read on for more details.


πŸ› οΈ New Version Update


[Time of Distribution]
- 2/27/23 15:14 (UTC)
- 2/27/23 07:14 (PST)

βœ… Issue where the game freezes while or after watching an advertisement.
βœ… Issue where some of the available trading options are duplicated in Kyla's Combat Test.
L The Benefit Material will be available twice but with two different sets of Combat Tokens (Neutral & Ally / Predator & Bystander)
β”” Please update to the latest version before using the the Exchange Shop. Exchanging in the older version (1.10.3) will lead to using incorrect materials.
βœ… Issue where the Red Dot doesn't disappear in the Every Day Purchase Event.
L The Red Dot should only appear once per day and when checking out the page, the Red Dot should disappear for the day.
βœ… Issue where the changed teams in the Frontier do not save.
βœ… Issue where the rewards from the Camp Defense Pack aren't received in certain situations.
βœ… Issue where the media sound output isn't working on certain devices after the OS 12 update.
βœ…The Energy Drink does not refill when Glenn where's his Personal Gear.

β“˜ Notice 
- Please update with Wi-Fi to avoid unintended data usage, just in case the app settings ever change to auto-updates.


We will make sure to thoroughly check for any other possible issues.

Thank you.



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