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[Notice] Total VIP Event



Hello, Survivors!


As you may recall from our Developer's note posted on February 17th,
we wanted to give you more details about the additional rewards that are available for the Total VIP EXP Event.


So here's the deal: If you have earned 100 or more VIP EXP from in-app purchases starting from the game's launch in Korea and until before the 1.10 update, then you are eligible to earn rewards for the respective VIP EXP Phases.


Please read on for more details.





๐Ÿ’ฅ Additional Total VIP EXP Event Reward Distribution



1. Schedule
- Corresponding rewards will be sequentially issued starting from 2/28/23 12:00 PM (UTC) | 2/28/23 04:00 (PST) 
- Once complete, we will update the notice with the text "completed" in the title.


2. Eligibility
- Players who have made purchases after the game's launch in Korea and until before the 1.10 update
- Players who have earned 100 or more VIP EXP through purchases


3. Reward Details
- Rewards based on your Total Purchase VIP EXP will be sent to your Mailbox.
- Please note that VIP EXP acquired through events or gameplay is not eligible.

Example: If your Total VIP EXP is 5,000, you will receive all rewards for 100/700/1,500/3,000/5,000 VIP EXP Phases.


4. Rewards
- The same Phase rewards from the Total VIP EXP Event will be issued.


- Rewards will be sent to your Mailbox and stored for up to 7 days (Once per account).
- Please note that any unclaimed rewards after the reward availability ends cannot be recovered.
- Additionally, any unclaimed rewards due to the expired Mailbox storage cannot be recovered.
- Should you have any related questions, please contact Customer Support.


Thank you.



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