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[Notice] 3/7 Update Complete!



Hello, Survivors!

Thank you for being patient with us during the long hours of maintenance.
The Walking Dead: All-Stars is now fully updated and ready-to-go.

Before you dive into the game and see what we've prepared for 10/11,
please check the followings for the update details and compensation.




Details of the 3/7 Update

Maintenance Schedule

3/7/23 04:00 ~ 3/7/23 05:25 (UTC) 

3/6/23 20:00 ~ 3/6/23 21:25 (PST)


When to Claim Compensation
After update ~ 3/13/23 23:59 (UTC)

After update ~ 3/13/23 16:59 (PDT)



Maintenance Reward
Gold Bars x1,500



ⓘ Notice
- Issue where the battle freezes in certain situations if Blaine is included in the formation.
 L A new 1.10.6 version has been released, 
    so please update the game to the latest version for more seamless gameplay.
- The compensation will be sent to your mailbox, once per server account. (Expires in 7 days)





Once again, thank you so much for being patient with us.
We will always try our best to provide more fun and pleasant gaming experience to all Survivors.

Thank you as always.



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