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7/3 Known Issues

Greetings, Survivors.


We would like to inform all Survivors about the issue found
after the 7/3 update.


Please check out the details of the issues down below.



7/3 Known Issues



1. Issue where the Supply Run's Annihilation pop-up is displayed in the Survival Record
- Issue: Issue where accounts that are able to Annihilate in the Supply Run
are witnessing the Supply Run's Annihilation pop-up in the Survival Record if and when the account had entered Supply Run and exited without further action.
- Actions: We have identified the cause and are preparing to fix it.


We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience,
and we will work diligently to ameliorate the known issues above to provide a better gaming environment.


Should additional issues come up, then we will notify everyone
as soon as possible through this notice.


We thank you for your patience.

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