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Announcements regarding the 7-Day Specials

Announcements regarding the 7-Day Specials 

Respond if you are still there! 

We have recently pinpointed an issue regarding the 7-Day Specials event 
and so we are here to inform everyone of the issue. 

Please check down below for the details of the issue 
and the compensations regarding the incident. 

【Announcements regarding the 7-Day Specials】 

Issue Date 
8/4 04:37 ~ 08:55 UTC 

Issue Details 
Issue where the items within the 7-Day Specials were delivered to those who have not purchased the 7-Day Specials.  

After discovering the issue, we went through an emergency maintenance to fix the problem on 8/4 at 08:55 UTC. 

On that note, The Walking Dead: All-Stars team intends to compensate our Survivors with the same rewards in the 7-Day Specials.  

【 7-Day Specials Event Reward 】 

Distribution Date 
8/16 During the 1.16 Update 

Reward Recipient 
Those who have cleared Stage 2-1 and have logged into the game 
in between the time period of 7/20 04:35 ~ 8/4 08:55 UTC will receive the rewards. 
(If you have purchased the 7-Day Specials within the above period, then you will receive the rewards as well). 


Item NameAmount
Torn Notebook(Epic)120
Gold Bar3,000
Normal Recruit Ticket20
Survival EXP1,000,000
Skill Manual1,000
Canned Food1,000,000

Please Note 
- Those who have not purchased the 7-Day Specials and received the items above due to the issue will be omitted from the reward recipient list.  
- If you have had purchased the 7-Day Specials and would like a different option instead of the additional rewards listed above, 
then please inquire us through the [Customer Support] by 8/11. 

We sincerely apologize for delivering such an announcement to everyone 
and we will do our utmost to better prepare for any other situations. 

Should you have any additional questions that need answers,  
please contact the [Customer Support] and we will be of service as soon as possible. 

Thank you. 

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