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[Notice] 1.16.4 New Android Version Available



Hi, Survivors,


We have released a newer version that includes fixes for the issues related to the known issues.
You can now download it from your respective app market.


We recommend that you use Wi-Fi to download the game to avoid unwanted data usage.


Please read on for more details.





1.16.4 New Android Version Available



[Time of Distribution]

8/16/23 15:30 (UTC)

8/16/23 08:30 (PDT)



- Issue where the Scratch Event's package tab is displayed even before the event begins
- Issue where the game comes to a halt when entering the Bonded Warehouse event through the Training (only when the Bonded Warehouse hasn't begun)
- Issue where a pop-up notifying the end of Supply Run <Expert Mode> is displayed when attempting to enter the content after the season ends and while logged in.
- Issue where the time left until the end of Supply Run Expert Mode is displayed in Korean
- Issue where the in-game battle is abnormal when playing on a device with certain language settings.


Please Note:

- The new version for iOS is still under inspection, so it will take a little more time.
- Once the new version for iOS is available, we will notify you in a separate notice.


We will make sure to thoroughly check for any other possible issues.


Thank you.

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