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[Notice] 1.16.4 New iOS Version Available



Hi, Survivors,


We have released a newer version that includes fixes for the issues related to the new survivor Lang and other known issues.
You can now download it from your respective app market.


We recommend that you use Wi-Fi to download the game to avoid unwanted data usage.


Please read on for more details.





1.16.4 New iOS Version Available



[Time of Distribution]

8/17/23 03:50 (UTC)

8/16/23 20:50 (PDT)



- Issue where the Scratch Event's package tab is displayed even before the event begins
- Issue where the game comes to a halt when entering the Bonded Warehouse event through the Training (only when the Bonded Warehouse hasn't begun)
- Issue where a pop-up notifying the end of Supply Run <Expert Mode> is displayed when attempting to enter the content after the season ends and while logged in.
- Issue where the time left until the end of Supply Run Expert Mode is displayed in Korean
- Issue where the in-game battle is abnormal when playing on a device with certain language settings.


Please Note:

- Please update with Wi-Fi to avoid unintended data usage, just in case the app settings ever change to auto-updates.


We will make sure to thoroughly check for any other possible issues.


Thank you.

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