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[Notice] New Last Man Standing (LMS) Zone & Expanded Teams

Respond if you are still out there!
Hello, Survivors!


We've made it even easier to join Last Man Standing (LMS) in the newer servers
by opening up Zones 13!


Furthermore, now that characters can grow even stronger,
we plan to expand the number of teams that can battle in LMS Zones 4-12,
allowing you to come up with even more team compositions.


With these new Zones and the increased number of teams,
the competition is about to get even more fierce.
Get ready.



[Notice] New Last Man Standing (LMS) Zones & Expanded Teams


1. Added New Zone
Added Last Man Standing Zone 13
- With the addition of these new Zones, the top Center of the Frontier users from Servers 49 ~ 52 will be now be able to participate in Last Man Standing.
- Users from those servers can Cheer and make Bets in their respective Zones starting from the new season.
- The new season will begin on 9/10.


2. Expanded Number of Teams
Expanded the number of teams that can participate in Last Man Standing Zones 4-12
- Up to 5 teams can now participate.
- With this expansion of teams, a total of 25 characters can now take part in battle.
- This change will take effect during the new season, starting on 9/10.


ⓘ Please Note
- We plan to open up Last Man Standing Zones to Servers 53 and beyond.

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