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[Notice] The Walking Dead: All-Stars x XPLA GAMES White Paper


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Have you all heard the news?


The XPLA GAMES, a powerful universal content hub and a Layer-1 Blockchain Mainnet, is onboarding onto The Walking Dead: All-Stars!


Now, many of you will wonder: “What is XPLA GAMES and what change is The Walking Dead: All-Stars is actually bringing?”


Well, the XPLA GAMES will be bringing the world of P2O (Play to Own) into The Walking Dead: All-Stars. Meaning, you will have tangible stakes in the game. You will not be just playing a game, but rather will be investing in your gaming experience. The P2O system allows you to own the outcomes generated from in-game activities through blockchain technology while enjoying the game.


The Walking Dead: All-Stars team believes that while collecting new Survivors and the time spent to enhance the Survivors is a meaningful gaming experience, more sense of ownership will bring a nifty change to the whole experience. Nevertheless, those who wish to play The Walking Dead: All-Stars like usual are welcome to continue to enjoy the game without any restrictions. To learn more about the onboarding process and what P2O will bring to The Walking Dead: All-Stars, you can check out the prepared Whitepaper and P2O Guide down below. 


On a side note, it would be best to connect your XPLA GAMES Wallet beforehand, so that you could get your hands on XPLA as soon as it’s available!

White Paper: 

(PDF Link)

P2O Guide #1: 

(Link to the P2O Guide #1 Notice)


If you have any questions regarding P2O,

then check The Walking Dead: All-Stars' Official Discord Page!

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