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[Notice] P2O Guide #2: How to Earn Key Points


[Guide ②: How to Earn Key Points]


Table of Contents:
1. About Key Points
2. Sources of Key Points
3. How to Earn Extra Key Points
4. P2O Currency Flow Chart

[About Key Points]

1. Key Points are the fundamental currency for earning Unknown Coin.
2. Use Key Points to craft Keys and use the Keys to open Safe and get Unknown Coin.
3. The more Key Points you have, the more Keys you can craft.
4. In the Safe, you can earn Unknown Coin as well as higher grade Keys, Gold Bars, and general currency.


[Sources of Key Points]


  1. 1. You can earn Key Points once you unlock Safe Room, which is available starting 

Points once you unlock Safe Room, which is available starting from Stage 8-1


2. Earn Key Points as you watch any types of sponsored videos except event-exclusive ones.

3. You can skip videos when you purchase a Skip Video offer found in the Perks menu. In this case, you can still earn Key Points. (The Skip Video feature is offered for free if your VIP Level is 12 or higher)

4. You can also obtain additional Key Points when you purchase specific in-app offers.


[How to Earn Extra Key Points]

1. You can earn more Key Points as you complete Key Point Missions (one fixed mission and one random mission). Be sure to take on these missions as they make a huge difference in your gain! 

2. You can also earn significantly more Key Points when your VIP Level and chapter progress are higher. Bonus Rates from these criteria can stack with each other.


[P2O Currency Flow Chart]

※ The details provided in this P2O guide are subject to change. They may be adjusted and updated in order to maintain a healthy token economy.

※ Restricted Countries: China (PRC), Japan, Korea, and Singapore.


If you have any questions regarding P2O,

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