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[Notice] P2O General Guide


This guide provides a general overview of P2O structure of <The Walking Dead: All-Stars> and tips on how to earn XPLA more quickly and efficiently. We hope that you will find this guide useful!


Let’s briefly examine the P2O structure of our game as a starter:


[P2O Currency Flow Chart]



Here’s a simplified explanation of the flow:


  1. Earn “Key Points” by watching or skipping videos and purchasing certain in-app offers.
  2. “Craft Keys” in the Safe Room found in-game.
  3. Use the crafted Keys to “Unlock a Safe.”
  4. Get “Unknown Coins” at a set rate as you unlock Safes.
  5. Use Unknown Coins to exchange them for “XPLA” or items in the in-game Trading Post.


1. Earning Key Points


 ① You can earn Key Points once you unlock Safe Room, which is available starting from Stage 8-1.

② Sources of earning Key Points can be divided into the following: 




VIP 12 or higherThe Skip Video feature is offered for free if your VIP Level is 12 or higher. In this case, you will always earn more Key Points than from watching or skipping videos (Skip Video offer). (★★★★★)
Watch Videos (Skip)You can skip videos when you purchase a Skip Video offer found in the Perks menu. In this case, you can still earn Key Points.
Watch VideosEarn Key Points as you watch any types of sponsored videos except event-exclusive ones.
Purchase OffersYou can also obtain additional Key Points when you purchase specific in-app offers. This is irrelevant to unlocking the Safe Room.

 ※ The amount of Key Points you earn from watching or skipping videos may be different under the same condition. (★★★) Using the Skip Video feature is more effective if you are about to get fewer than 500 Key Points.


Tip: How to Earn Extra Key Points

Naturally, you can craft more Keys when you have more Key Points! 

Read our pro tip for increasing your Key Point earnings!


① You can earn more Key Points as you complete Key Point Missions (one fixed mission and one random mission). Be sure to take on these missions as they make a huge difference in your gain!


② You can also earn significantly more Key Points when your VIP Level and chapter progress are higher.

       ☝ You can earn the maximum bonus if you have reached VIP Level 6 or higher and Chapter 15 or higher. So keep making progress if you wish to earn Unknown Coins faster and more!


2. Crafting Keys


If you have collected enough Key Points, it’s time to craft Keys to unlock Safes.


① Keys can be crafted at the Safe Room found in your Town.

② It requires 2,500 Key Points to craft Keys 1 time and 25,000 Key Points to craft Keys 10 times.

③ There is no time required to craft Keys; you can instantly craft them as long as you have enough Key Points.

④ Keys have three grades: Normal, Premium, and Best. They are determined by a certain chance.

    ☝ Remember, maintaining a high Crafting Level is crucial for earning higher-grade Keys. Superior Keys open superior Safes, which in turn yield more Unknown Coins. More details can be found below.


Tip: “Crafting Level” is the solution for earning better Keys!

You can earn keys of a higher grade as you craft them in the Safe Room.

Here’s more information on this vital aspect:


① The higher the crafting level, the better the chances of dropping keys of a higher grade.


② The crafting level is determined by the number of crafting attempts made in the last 60 days.

The crafting level ranges from Lv. 1 to 10. More information is available in the table below:


☝ Make sure to raise your Crafting Level in order to get superior Keys!
























3. Unlocking Safes


If you have enough Keys, it’s time to open Safes!


① Safes are divided into three grades: Normal, Premium, and Best. To unlock Safes, you need Keys that matches the Safes’ grade.

② Safes take time to unlock, but you can use Gold Bars or Unknown Coins to unlock them instantly.

<Time Required to Unlock / Currency Required to Instantly Unlock Safes>




Time Required to Unlock

Instantly Unlock

Required Gold Bars

Required Unknown Coins

Normal Safe

3 hours



Premium Safe

9 hours



Best Safe

1 day 3 hours



② Rewards are determined at a set rate when you unlock Safes. Instantly unlocking Safes will always net you better rewards.

③ The higher the Safe grade, the better the rewards.

④ You can earn more Unknown Coins from higher-grade Safes.


<Safe Rewards>







Normal Safe

Unknown Coin

Premium Key

Canned Food Box (XL)

Survival EXP (XL)

Skill Manual (XL)

Gold Bar






Premium Safe

Unknown Coin

Best Key

Canned Food Box (XL)

Survival EXP (XL)

Skill Manual (XL)

Gold Bar





Best Safe

Unknown Coin

Canned Food Box (XL)

Survival EXP (XL)

Skill Manual (XL)

Gold Bar

※ The number of Unknown Coins you earn from Safes may vary with the XPLA market price.

※ If you don’t have enough Unknown Coins, you can convert your XPLA into Unknown Coins via XPLA GAMES to get more.



4. Creating XPLA GAMES Wallet


If you have collected a lot of Unknown Coins, you can spend them in the Unknown Coin Shop found in the Trading Post, but you can also convert them into XPLA!


① Search and install “XPLA GAMES” from Google Play, App Store, or Chrome Extension.

② Open the app and tap [New Wallet].

③ Create your "Wallet Name and Password", then tap [Next].

④ Copy and paste your "seed phrase" in a safe location, and tap [I have written down my seed].

  • If you lose your seed phrase, it will be lost forever. Please keep in mind that XPLA GAMES does not store such data.


⑤ Check your seed phrase and enter the correct words, then tap [Confirm and Finish]

* A seed phrase is a security code required for managing and restoring your account. You can see it only once at the time of creating an account.

* Make sure to store your seed phrase safely as your wallet may not be restored the seed phrase is lost or stolen.

⑥ Tap [Explore the XPLA GAMES] to use your wallet.


5. How to Link Game Account and Convert Between XPLA and Unknown Coins

① Tap the [Convert] menu at the bottom of the wallet’s main screen.

② Select ‘The Walking Dead: All-Stars’ in the game list.

③ Complete SMS verification to sync with the account used to log in to The Walking Dead: All-Stars.

* You cannot sync XPLA GAMES with your game account if you log in as a guest. Make sure you are logged into the game first.

* Please keep in mind that settings cannot be changed after syncing your account with XPLA GAMES.

④ Select the server you are playing in.

⑤ Your PID will be displayed once the account has been synced.

[Linking Account]

① As mentioned in the How to Link Game Account guide section, you may not be able to link your game account with XPLA GAMES if you log in as a guest.

        * In addition, XPLA GAMES does not support Apple's Game Center login. If your account is only linked to Game Center (iOS only), please link another platform login method.

② To log in from the game, please refer to the following steps:

        * Tap the profile image in the top left corner > Log in via the Account menu.

        * Your account is linked successfully only when you log in to XPLA GAMES using

           the same Hive or other social network account as the one logged in to the game.


[How to Convert Between XPLA and Unknown Coins]

1. XPLA  → Unknown Coins

① You can convert XPLA into Unknown Coins.

②  Conversion ratio: 1 XPLA for 1,000 Unknown Coins.(Excluding 3% Fee)

③  Daily conversion limit: 250 XPLA

④  Minimum conversion requirement: 50 XPLA

* Numbers may be adjusted in order to maintain a healthy token economy.



2. Unknown Coins → XPLA

① You can convert Unknown Coins into XPLA.

② Conversion ratio: 1,000 Unknown Coins for 1 XPLA(Excluding 3% Fee)

③ Daily conversion limit: 50,000 Unknown Coins

④ Minimum conversion requirement: 10,000 Unknown Coins.

* Numbers may be adjusted in order to maintain a healthy token economy.



※ This guide summarizes the key information in P2O Guides 1 through 5. For more details, please visit our forum and check these P2O guides.

※ The details provided in this P2O guide are subject to change. They may be adjusted and updated in order to maintain a healthy token economy.

※ Restricted Countries: China (PRC), Japan, Korea, and Singapore.


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