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[Notice] v.1.18.7 New Version Available (For Android ONLY)


Respond if you're still out there!
This is The Walking Dead: All-Stars.


We have finished fixing issues that were previously identified in the game. Version 1.18.7 is now available to download from your respective app market.


We recommend that survivors connect to Wi-Fi when downloading the game to avoid unnecessary data consumption.
Please read on for more details.



๐Ÿ’ซ v.1.18.7 New Version Available (For Android ONLY)


[Time of Distribution]

  • -11/10 05:50 (UTC)
    -11/09 21:50 (PDT)


โœ… Issue where the battle replay isn't properly working on certain devices.
โ”” This issue was found only in Android devices, so there isn't a fix for iOS.


- Please update with Wi-Fi to avoid unintended data usage, just in case the app settings ever change to auto-updates.

We will make sure to thoroughly check for any other possible issues.


Thank you.



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