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[Update] - May 22 Update Details

Hello Survivors!

Here is the patch note for the May 22 Update!

Before you jump into the game, please check out the details.

May 22 Update Details


[New Survivor]

: Stefan, a brand-new Unknown character, has joined The Walking Dead: All-Stars.

: Once acquired, he can be set as your profile icon.

: You can meet Stefan in Hidden Survivor, Unexpected Help, and other parts of the game.

: For 60 days, Stefan can be obtained in the Survivor Reward menu at a discounted price.

- The Unknown Alignment character Stefan will be obtainable through gameplay in a later update.


[New/Updated Content]

1. [Data] Survival Record

: The new, exclusive [Data] Survival Record, [Underground Tracks], is available during the event.



: To celebrate the new survivor update, the Mysterious Survivor Stefan event has been added.

: Basement Search, the event version of Supply Run with one floor, is available from 5/23 00:00 UTC.

: The 7-Day Survival Support event has been added.

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